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The police need to hear about real experiences in order to improve. Support us by submitting your own experience of police intervention during a mental health crisis below.


“When the police found me, after having been talked down from the edge of a bridge by a stranger, they treated me like a criminal. I was quickly restrained, handcuffed, and eventually taken to a local hospital to be sectioned.”
– Jonny Benjamin MBE, award-winning mental health campaigner, film producer, public speaker, writer and vlogger
“The hardest part for me was when a police van showed up, and I had to sit in the back of it (when I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act). It was probably the most embarrassing moment in my life, sitting in the back and feeling like a criminal. I felt like the police were very blunt, asking me closed questions – like I was being questioned for a crime. This is probably the worst thing for someone who is already psychologically vulnerable – it just makes them feel 1,000 times worse.”
– Anonymous
“At the time the police were called, they were advised that it was a mental breakdown that was going on and that I wasn’t of sound mind. Nothing that I was doing was my own doing nor was I aware of it. The police attended on those occasions and treated me as a suspect of crimes instead of attending to my mental health.”
– Loti Nambombe, Relationship Manager, MLKFluencers

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